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Short Works


Short ebooks that won’t dry out your eyes when you read them on your digital device. These three novellas have the unifying theme of the passage of time.

Never Past Front.jpeg

Never Past

Mystery Novella 


Kat Richardson was an ordinary woman, just like you, your mother or your grandmother, until someone chose to make her a victim. Who murdered this sixty-five-year-old retired teacher as she slept alone in her bed—despite the fact that she was secured behind a hard-core bedroom door with a heavy deadbolt. Detective Hedy Werth and her partner, Merton Manes, search for answers.

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Picture Postcards Front.jpeg

Picture Postcards

Romantic Drama Novella


How can Virginia Mae Beauvoir learn to love when the people she most cares about in her life keep abandoning her? What she needs is a good teacher. 

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Stories Across Time

Short Story Collection 


This collection touches on the human moments of a variety people. The stories are placed in time anywhere within the last ten decades. It’s up to the reader to intuit when that might be or if it even matters.

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