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Slow Kill Cover.png

The Slow Kill 


by Nancy Smith

After Normal - Book Three

Near-future Science Fiction

to be Re Published in 2022

ISBN: 978-0-9913907-0-0

First Look Publishing

Short Description: This story is set in Austin, Texas beginning in 2035. This book continues with events in The Universal Vaccine.

In the aftermath of a world ravaged by drought, famine and disease, a botanist, Frank Harvey, erects a biodome over Lake Travis in order to deter evaporation and protect his hydrofarm. However plans to electrify and seal the dome's exterior force this father apart from is six year old son. 


If it's not available at your local library or bookseller, please request it.

Author Comment:  The Slow Kill is a term that describes prolonged drought similar to the drought experienced in Austin, TX beginning in 2011. I wrote this book in 2014, but made minor changes for Covid-19 and republished.

Reviewer Quote:  "Smith  deftly reveals Frank's sense of disconnection, exacerbated by the privileged lives that people live in the dome. As the story intercuts between Frank and Alex's turmoils, there is plenty of timely social commentary, but it avoids ever feeling preachy."  Kirkus Reviews

Writer Quote:  "Thirsty for a Good Read. A cautionary, futuristic tale that balances dystopia with altruism, "The Slow Kill" explores the complexities of human relationships as the characters struggle to survive the hardships of an enduring drought. A clever narrative with vivid descriptions and strong cinematic images. You might call it science fiction, but this premise doesn't stray too far from reality. It really could happen to all of us. And then what?."  Jill Oleson

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