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Nancy Smith is a freelance writer of novels, screenplays and short stories.  She is a filmmaker, script analyst, script supervisor as well as owner of First Look Script Analysis, operating since 2005 and First Look Publishing, operating since 2006.

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  • Writter of four novels, two novellas, one collection of short stories and a non-fiction book.

  • Screenplays: Eighteen written. Four features and a TV pilot sold to independent producers.  

  • Winner of fifteen awards and publications for writing.

  • Crew on more than thirty narrative productions, including director, producer and script supervisor roles

  • Produced and directed 201 educational films.

  • Second-round and coverage reader for Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2001 – 2010 and in 2018.

  • Graduate - UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program

  • Listed as Nancy Smith VII on IMDB


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Graduation: UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program

Credit: Mary Katherine Jenkins 

Location: BookPeople, Austin, Texas


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