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First Look Analysis/Publishing

Service and Prices:

Completed Script up to 110 pages = $225


  • Script Read

  • First Look Script Scoresheet

  • Written Comments

  • Consultation 

Completed Book up to 350 pages = $850


  • Read and markup of manuscript

  • Written Comments

  • Consultation

Works in progress and shorts = $.0125 per word ($50 minimum)


Tutoring in writing = $50 per hour


Writing, rewrites/revisions and editing = negotiated price

Assistance with preparing your book for indie publishing - negotiated price

Available for presentations to groups, book clubs, podcasts, etc.

Customer Comments:

Nancy is a fantastic writing resource for beginners through seasoned professionals. Her advice and wisdom dramatically improves each story, beat, and character while her vast experience guarantees unique insight into the many methods of advanced writing techniques. Eduardo Garcia

I loved Nancy Smith's presentation on screenwriting. It was well organized, informative and entertaining. I learned so much! Christy Esmahan

Our script analysis experience with Nancy was brilliant. Her comments and suggestions definitely made our script stronger. Olli Koivula

Nancy is my book publisher. Period. She knows her stuff. Mike Keenan

I learned more from Nancy Smith in two hours than I learned in a whole writing course.  LaDonna Eisenbaum


I give high marks to the checksheet, which was like a roadmap delineating my (modest) virtues and pointing out the pitfalls.   Marci Davis


Because of Nancy Smith, a good script became a better screenplay.  I shall use her again.  Roosevelt Elo

This course provided me with all of the necessary tools I need to begin writing the story’s I want to tell. I highly recommend this class. Andrew Meyer

Hands on guidance throughout every phase of the writing process. Not only does she offer insight and suggestions but points out challenges in the story that can occur later on. Jose Alarcon

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Five Steps: from blank page to movie release by Nancy Smith


Thinking about writing your first screenplay? This small booklet provides a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know to get through the five steps of the moviemaking process: 1. Write the screenplay, 2. Sell the screenplay, 3. Fund the movie, 4. Make the movie, and 5. Distribute the movie.

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