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After Normal - Book Three

Near-future Science Fiction

Published 2022

ISBN: 978-1-7326642-4-1

Short Description: This story is set in Austin, Texas beginning in 2025. This book continues with events in The Universal Vaccine.

Every weekend, there’s a volleyball party by the Firebrand River until the weekend that strange, green pollution and a mysterious human finger bone shuts down the fun. The owner of the land, Mira Burke, works with police and an EPA investigator to help solve both an old mystery and a new one.


If it's not available at your local library or bookseller, please request it.

Author Comment:  Sadly, I've been writing my worries since my college days. The Firebrand River is  the transition between people living a normal life and the end as we know it.

Reviewers Quote:  "Smith utilizes alternating perspectives to recount events, allowing readers to track each character and grasp their role in the storyline. The cast is largely composed of wise individuals, with excellent problem-solving skills, who add to the overall organized structure of the plot." Booklife (Publishers Weekly)

Writers Quote:  "The Firebrand River is a fast, tightly paced thriller that throws the reader right into the action. It combines ecological disaster with a suspenseful plot, a mysterious twenty-year-old cold case, and environmental terrorism. Highly recommended" Patrice Sarath

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