Survivors: A science fiction trilogy

The Universal Vaccine 
by Nancy Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9913907-2-4

Currently not Available for Purchase

Short Description: This novella is set in Austin, Texas beginning around now.  

A University of Texas art student, Isa Vedkka, comes home to find police on her doorstep. They tell her that her microbiologist mother and engineer father as well as all of her parents’ coworkers are dead. Isa wants to understand what happened. She enlists the assistance of investigative journalist Rory Burke to find out. The pair have no idea where this search will take them.

The Universal Vaccine is a flu vaccine that does not need to be modified every year. In this book, the vaccine protects against a virus that is both airborne or deadly with physical contact. (This book was drafted before Covid 19 was a thing, but I'm working on an update.)


The Firebrand River
by Nancy Smith

ISBN: 978-1-7326642-4-1

Currently not Available for Purchase

Short Description:  Every weekend, there’s a volleyball party by the Firebrand River until the weekend that strange, green pollution and a mysterious human finger bone shuts down the fun. The owner of the land works with police and an EPA investigator to help solve both an old mystery and a new one.

The Slow Kill 
by Nancy Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9913907-0-0

Currently Not Available

Short Description: In the aftermath of a world ravaged by disease, famine and drought, a botanist erects a biodome over Lake Travis in order to deter evaporation and protect his hydrofarm. However plans to electrify and seal the dome's exterior, thereby separating the haves from the have nots, force this father apart from is six year old son. A decade later, he seeks to repair his broken relationship with his son.

The Slow Kill is a term that describes prolonged drought similar to the drought experienced in Austin, TX beginning in 2011.